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Three Keys to a Successful Job Offer


Let’s face it: Interviews are mentally taxing. All the preparation, role-playing, and anticipation leading up to the all-important moment is very unnerving. Have you ever considered that a true interview is where you’re assessing the company and how it aligns with your passion and your purpose, and the company is assessing you based on their needs as well as how you fit and mesh with the company culture? Take a different approach as you interview this season, and note your worthiness and the value-add that you bring to the company, and how you both can benefit if you decide to partner.

Today on the Style & Travel Daily blog, let’s discuss three elements that will help you get the offer.

1. Know the facts. This should go without saying, but you’d be surprised with the number of people that worry so much about the interview that they neglect to properly research the company. Know the company history. Review the financial performance—maybe the past 6 months, 12 months, 18 months—to make sure that they’re financially stable. Also, ask questions. One of the most important questions during an interview should be, “Why is this position available?” Know why the position is available. What about asking them to share the rate of promotion and growth opportunities for internal candidates versus external? Now, this is not an exhaustive list, but a few very basic and very important questions to consider as you prepare for your interview. Most employers hire people that take the time to properly do their homework—I hope that’s you.

2. Own your brand. Do you know that you are a brand? Do you know that people will assess your skill set initially on how you discuss your accomplishments, how they’re presented on your resume, and how you’re able to connect that experience to how it benefits the company? Now is not the time to be shy, bashful or even modest. Own your brand and sell it. Talk-up your accomplishments and success. Be accurate, truthful, but forthcoming! Consider bringing along a “Brag Book” that shows your career milestones and clearly defines your true brand. Providing quality and measurable outcomes will contribute to a successful job offer.

3. Be bold and ask for what you want. Now, I want you to hear this in the right context: If you’re pretty confident that the company is a great fit for you and it’s a great place to work based on the tangibles—such as the benefits, vacation time, retirement plan, salary, bonuses, and advancement potential—then you should prepare or even anticipate that at some period in the future you can expect a job offer. You should prepare to ask when you can expect to hear back. It’s OK to say, “How soon will you be making the offer? How soon can I expect to hear from you?” I think it only makes sense that if your intuition is telling you that you’re vibing with the company and they’re vibing with you, it’s a matter of time when you can expect to get that call. Now, it’s important for you to articulate that you’re interested, because a lack of interest could lead to a delay of offer, or they could move on to the next candidate that they think showed a little more enthusiasm than you. Don’t lose the job because of a perceived lack of interest. If you’re interested, say so.

You would be surprised at how these three simple keys will get you one step closer to your ideal job offer.  As always, thanks for the visit, and if you’d like more career, image and style advice, subscribe to our blog. We encourage you to tell a friend to join the conversation by visiting our website, You can always stay connected by following us on Twitter, Instagram and Bloglovin. Here’s to your continued success as you revise, rebrand and relaunch your career with your friends from Style & Travel Daily!




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