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10 Quick Actions to Take After a Layoff – Part 2

Lay-offs happen unexpectedly. I have tried to make sense of some of the reasons, but let’s face it; most employees are at-will. The term at-will suggests you’re at the mercy of your employer and unless they do something egregious and fire you for the wrong reasons, you don’t necessarily have to know a layoff is eminent. Today, we wrap up the second part of the series that outlines ten things to do following a layoff.

6. Set your target. Every week, start by planning how many applications you will submit to potential employers. Plan the number of follow-up calls that you’ll make that week. You can never over-prepare when you’re trying to find the ideal position. Get focused and set a target.

7. Search the boards. By boards, I’m referring to employment and job boards. Yes, LinkedIn continues to be the number one platform for executives looking for job advancement or employment in general. Search other boards, like,, and, to name a few. Don’t hesitate to create accounts with these boards. It may appear to be a hassle in the beginning, but those boards will have actual access to thousands of positions that often never make it to your local paper.

8. Reassess your image. Is this a great time for a makeover? How’s your health? Are you getting enough rest? When’s the last time you revamped your wardrobe? These are all great questions that only you can answer. Are you using the time to hide and sulk, or are you taking your career into your own hands and using it as an opportunity to rebrand yourself?

9. Network, network, network. Get out of the house. Attend job fairs. Have lunch or dinner with friends, and introduce yourself to as many people as possible. A number of positions have been filled through the course of simple conversations with people, and someone that knows someone. Take the time to network; to attend industry events and things of thatnature if the resources are available to you. Whatever you do, network, network, network.

10. Visualize and write down your progress in a journal daily. You’ll be surprised how focused and productive you’ll become if you see yourself in your new place of employment visually. Writing down your progress is almost like revisiting your goals on a regular basis. Keeping a journal also charts out the trials and errors you might have incurred during the job search, and shows the steps you took to overcomethem. “See it, write it, receive it” is a proven process realized by the likes of Oprah Winfrey, Stacia Pierce and Jim Carrey. Don’t take my word for it—give it a try.

Visualize every day, especially before you embark on your job search activities for the day. Take the time to think about what you’re going to do that day, to see yourself doing those activities, and you’ll be surprised as to the productivity you’re able to realize on any given day.

In conclusion, losing a job unexpectedly is very traumatic, but it isn’t the final act. You can transition this challenge and overcome with poise and grace if you follow these 10 simple steps. We hope that you gain some confidence and are able to take these 10 action steps and realize your ideal position.
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