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Berluti Fall 2014 Menswear Collection

Berluti Fall 2014 Menswear Collection This is menswear as it was intended; masculine, sophisticated, perfect construction and modern. Berluti has a way of making men feel dressed without the fuss. The details and the extent to which they decided to go in order to produce such an amazing fall collection, simply demonstrates their commitment to […]

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Plaid in the Park

Why Plaid Today? Living in a tropical environment you rarely experience a cold front that allows the chance to wear sweaters, leathers or heavier clothing articles.  So, this week we had a cold front and I reached for one of my favorite sweaters and corduroy slacks and headed to a nearby park for a little relaxation.  […]

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Five Elements of Stylish Business Casual

I’ve worked in corporate America long enough to have seen the evolution of the work environment transition from a very conservative blue/gray suit palette with complimentary button down shirts and boring ties to the now relaxed, but popular business casual environment. While we have gained freedom and the opportunity to express our individual taste by […]

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