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Three Keys to a Successful Job Offer

Let’s face it: Interviews are mentally taxing. All the preparation, role-playing, and anticipation leading up to the all-important moment is very unnerving. Have you ever considered that a true interview is where you’re assessing the company and how it aligns with your passion and your purpose, and the company is assessing you based on their […]

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Three Ways to Negotiate the Salary You Want

At the conclusion of every successful interview is the question regarding salary. Not everyone feels comfortable with the conversation and surprisingly enough just accepts what’s initially offered to them without any further discussion. Style and Travel Daily | Mark’s Resume Rewrite wants to offer a few helpful tips on how to negotiate the salary you […]

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Five Problems to Avoid for an Impressive Resume

In a competitive job market, there are an increasing number of hiring managers more than willing to share frustrations they are having with the quality of resumes they receive daily. While applicants are wise to apply for positions for which they qualify, too many of the following mistakes are guaranteed to hurt your job search. […]

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Five Ways to Improve Your Job Search

  Five Ways to Improve Your Job Search Call after call. Cover Letter after Cover Letter.  Resume after Resume.  Well, if any of these words or phrases gives you heartburn, you have probably been looking for a new job for quite sometime. It’s easy to get frustrated while job searching with all of the parameters […]

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10 Reasons You Didn’t Get The Promotion!

10 Reasons You Didn’t Get The Promotion!  In this age when companies are doing more with fewer in the work place, it always amazes me that more people are not taking control of their own career success.  Recently, I surveyed a group of aspiring managerial level individuals on their opinion of why people don’t often get the promotion […]

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