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Pitti Uomo – Milan Fashion Week 2014

Pitti Uomo

Pitti Uomo Winter 2014

It’s that time of year for Fashion Week in Milan. Pitti Uomo 2014 promised to be just as exciting this year as it has been since the inception in 1972. This twice a year event is one of the largest fashion trade shows of its kind. Every year some of the worlds best dressed gentlemen descend on Florence, Italy for what promises to be one the largest trade show and gathering of industry experts looking for “what’s next” in the upcoming fashion seasons. Pitti Uomo-Winter focuses on trends for the pending fall/winter fashion season and likewise the June show highlights fashion trends for the next Spring/Summer fashion season.

Besides Pitti Uomo being one of the largest fashion trade-shows of its kind, it also boasts some of the most anticipated catwalks and fashion shows. Actually, each year one new and promising designer is featured and allowed to have their complete collection introduced to the fashion world. Rows and rows of vendors share new patterns, fabrics, cuts, and accessories In hopes that buyers and the fashion movers/shakers and curious have first hand knowledge of the latest looks and trends. This year’s attendance exceeded expectations with nearly 30,000 visitors and 21,000 registered vendors.

Part of the fun of Pitti Uomo is the impressive droves of  men and women that are impeccably dressed and captured in the plaza networking and fraternizing outside. Those interactions normally make it on the pages of magazines and digital diaries as Street Style.  The street styles are generally a glimpse of what’s to come. I really appreciate the fashion-forwardness of the attendees, because they never cease to inspire me and countless others. Our blog today features some of our favorite looks from the Pitti Uomo trade-show attendees. Enjoy!   Thanks for visiting the Blog and let us know what you think. Until next time,

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Pitti Uomo Attendees

Pitti Uomo Networking


HK Armoury at Pitti Uomo 2014

Well Dressed Pitti Uomo Attendees

Amazing Blazers at Pitti Uomo 2014

Stylish Gentlemen at Pitti Uomo

Stylish Netwoking at Pitti Uomo 2014

Pitti Uomo Attendees

Stylish Shoes, Socks, and Cases at Pitti Uomo

Pitti Uomo 2014

Pitti Uomo Attendees in the Plaza

Pitti Uomo Attendees

Pitti Uomo Attendees in the Plaza

Pitti Uomo Attendees

Pitti Uomo Attendees in the Plaza

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