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individual-image-consulting-01Individual Assessment

An  individual Image Assessment is designed to assist a single client grasp a true sense of their current style before the process is initiated.  In the end, the clients is introduced to their proper style.   After purchasing the service the fun begins.  This is how the process evolves:

A.  You will be asked to complete a Style/Image Questionnaire.

B.  Once you complete the Questionnaire, you will be given the e-mail to forward the information, so that the assessment can begin.  Along with the questionnaire, provide several pictures of yourself; head shots, torso, etc as requested by Mark and the Style & Travel Daily team.

C.  Next, we analyze body type, cuts, shape, lifestyle and other elements in order to recommend styling essentials and initiate the makeover.  This step is crucial to build confidence and navigate the re-branding phase.

D.  Finally, we institute the plan of action.  Whether its preparing for an interview, wedding, speaking engagement or a genuine wardrobe makeover, Style & Travel Daily helps you execute the customized plan.  From revised hairstyles, shopping services, grooming sessions and interview coaching; we are here to complete the journey of image enhancement and a total makeover.  Clothing and outfit options are included and are shared digitally for future reference. We want you to enjoy the Ultimate experience of Style & Travel Daily!

 For more information on individual makeover services, please contact us.