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New Year, New You! Five Essentials for a Renewed Wardrobe

Happy New Year! You made it and here we are at the beginning of a brand new year full of excitement for a fresh and new focus. With a new start comes the motivation to finish more assignments and tasks that might not have been resolved by the end of 2017.   In addition to making new resolutions, January also signifies an opportunity to rehab our image and purge our closets on outdated and ill-fitted clothing.

If you’re having a few challenges organizing your thoughts on how to completely revamp your image and set the stage for an amazing image and new year, lets’ focus on the essentials of an image makeover

Suits: One (1) Single-breasted Navy Blue & One (1) Gray Suit. These two selections will give you the versatility you’ll need when transitioning from work to an evening out. Remember, nothing too heavy so that you can wear it year round. Tweeds, while stylish and trending, are too heavy, so keep the material medium in weight.

Shirts: We certainly have plenty of options when it comes to selecting dress and casual shirts for work and play that can be added to your New Year wardrobe. Consider investing in a White or Blue dress shirt with a standard or cutaway collar, depending on the shape of your face. Another great trend is the long sleeve polo-style shirt that looks great with jackets and sports coats. Lastly, make sure to add a turtleneck sweater, which gives the sophisticated flair well dress men like to convey.

Shoes: Since we’re adding essential pieces to our wardrobe for a new and improved image, let’s invest in a couple pairs of shoes without rubber soles. First, look for the all important black dress shoe. The shoe can come in the form of an Oxford, Monks (single or doubled buckled), Derby or Capped Toe. This selection represents safe and appropriate choices that will enhance your wardrobe. The second pair is the versatile, Brown shoe. Again, your choices would be the Oxford, Monks, Derby, and/or Capped Toe versions. Unless you have a wide selection of shoes, I would avoid buying the identical styles of shoes in both black and brown.

Pants: The modern man is looking for the vintage 1950, 1960 in terms of cuts and fit of most dress pants. The look most designers have opted to create, have a very slim-fitted and narrow look. The pants are flat fronts without pleats. I’m not saying that pleats are wrong; just know that they typically make you look larger than you are in the waist. Make sure your wardrobe contains at least One Black pair, One Navy Pair, One Gray pair, and One Khaki /Tan colored pair.

The Overcoat: Let’s face it gentlemen, there are times in Florida when you have to put on a coat and acknowledge it’s cold or raining. Either way it goes, you will occasionally need an overcoat. Let’s begin with the transitional medium weighted Trench Coat. The trench coat has a renewed image in recent years as more designers have put a more stylish and trendy spin on its design. They are typically heavy enough to ward off early morning chills and great coats to wear in fall as we transition from summer temperatures to fall. Other options to choose from include the full-length wool or cashmere dress coat or the comfortable driving length coat. This coat is usually wool, but can be gabardine or a shortened version of a trench coat.

The New Year is the ideal time to set the stage for a remarkable year. A polished image will open the door for a number of career and entrepreneurial opportunities. The essential pieces we recommended will help take your confidence to the level that gives you the competitive edge. You deserve the best; so let’s go shopping!


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New Year, New You, first appeared in Onyx Magazine (January/February) 2018 Issue

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