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Five Ways to Successfully Transition From College to the Work Force


Well, the moment you’ve been waiting for is finally here. Graduation pictures are ordered and you are contemplating what’s next after you walk across the stage. If you have taken the time to manage your time effectively as a student, you are gearing up for graduate school or the beginning of your professional career. This is such an exciting time in life, it would be unfortunate if your ideal next step was somehow delayed. However, you’re reading this article and something tells me that means your new position is right around the corner. To ensure you have a smooth transition, follow these steps as you transition from college to Corporate America…

1. Create an Online Presence

Now is the time to create the professional presence that positions you for key interviews and power meetings that can lead to your first professional role. Believe it or not, your social presence is so important. If you have questionable profile pictures,videos or posts on Facebook, Vine and/or Instagram, take my advice and delete, delete, delete. One negative post can change a potential yes to a definite No! Take the time before graduation to create a LinkedIn Profile to convey the professionalism needed to impress your potential employer. Join LinkedIn by creating an account. After joining make sure to highlight your skills, talents and educational accomplishments. If structured correctly, recruiters should start connecting with you to offer their assistance. Visit for more detail on how to create the perfect profile.

2. Time to Target your Favorites

After you create your LinkedIn Profile, take the time to decide which companies on the social media platform you’re interested in working with and start following them. With any luck you’ll gain insight from the company through their posts, newsletters and press releases to make a well-informed decision whether to pursue employment with the company or not. By conducting thorough due-diligence during this phase, you might identify a friend or neighbor that works for the company and can provide insight. Depending on your comfort level, you should follow these companies on all of the popular social media platforms.

3. Strategize your Career

As a career strategist I always tell young college graduates to make sure that they not just work a job, but consider what they want the end result to look like. In other words, let’s think career. I often ask, where do you want your career to end? As a CEO, COO, CFO, or some other executive role? As always, many are not sure what their aspirations should be; while others are aspiring entrepreneurs. Neither is wrong, but, I can tell immediately which paths these college graduates will take. I always stress the importance of having a roadmap, instead of just tagging along for the ride. A more active participant will have a far more exciting journey. It’s your career, enjoy it!

4. Prepare Your Talking Points

So, you’re about to complete college; that is noteworthy! Over the years you’ve prepare all types of reports and assessments and projects in an attempt to hone your special gifts and talents. Do you know what you’re really great at doing? If so, be prepared to articulate those skills. During this phase you should also be working with your college placement specialist and/or a career strategist on the best information to include in your resume, targeted cover letters, as well as which job leads to pursue. If you have any applicable rewards and special recognitions, make sure to highlight those on your resume. If you’re still not sure how to proceed, contact Style & Travel Daily so that we can assist with this critical step.

5. Get Coached!

The placement counselor has worked with you to submit your application(s) Now what? During this time you don’t sit idly by and passively wait for a job opportunity to come to you. Now is the time to take action! Prepare for your interviews by seeking the assistance of a friend, relative or a professional strategist that can adequately ramp up your interviewing skills. The more time you get to rehearse, the more confident you’ll be for the “big” meeting! Style and Travel Daily also provides Interview Coaching Services that have resulted in amazing job offers. For more information visit our products page and find out how we can help prepare you for that ideal job.  Nothing beats preparation. Stay one step ahead of the competition by applying these tips. Thanks for the visit and we hope to see you soon.

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Mark Hillery

Style and Travel Daily

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