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Five Ways to Improve Your Job Search



Five Ways to Improve Your Job Search

Call after call. Cover Letter after Cover Letter.  Resume after Resume.  Well, if any of these words or phrases gives you heartburn, you have probably been looking for a new job for quite sometime. It’s easy to get frustrated while job searching with all of the parameters and criteria companies have created because they’re trying to screen the numbers of potential applicants.  It’s a numbers game but, there are ways to navigate the crowded job search market while setting yourself apart from other applicants.  In todays blog, we’re discussing Five Ways To Improve Your Job Search. This is not an exhaustive list; but this is an amazing way to jumpstart your search and get the results you deserve.  Here are some suggestions to improve your search and get your ideal position.

1. Use Relevant Job Search Methods:  Let’s face it, the job market is saturated with people looking for a job and looking to transition from one career to another.  Experts have estimated that the average open position will generate 60-250 applicants. While that number varies based on the industry and position, the take-away is that you are not alone.  So, you have to consider online job searches.  They will require creating profiles on the employer’s website, but they usually will keep your information on file for at least six months. Eliminate the typewritten one application at a time method.  Use job search engines such as Careerbuilders, Indeed, etc; which allows you the opportunity to apply to multiple jobs at one time.

2.  Professional, Polished and Updated Resume: Time to get rid of the resume created on a typewriter 15 years ago and find yourself a professional resume writer. Professional writers can assist by crafting the appropriate messaging and identifying those special transferrable skills that will get your resume a second look. Sure, you have friends that have offered to work on your resume, but a professionally written resume sets the tone and suggests that you’re serious about your search.  In case you’re in the market for resume services click here.

3.  Power Networking:  Now is the time to push beyond your comfort zone and close friends and develop relationships with key decision makers and the people that are connected to them.  Power Networking requires meeting people in social events and being prepared to give your Elevator Speech at the drop of a hat as a way of sharing what separates you from other candidates.  Join Meet-up social groups,  create a LinkedIn Profile and interact with other community organizations as a way of meeting more people.

4.  Ongoing Professional Development: How often do you read a book in your specific industry?  What about obtaining certification or a license of sorts.  The idea is to document on-going progress post high school, college or graduate school.  Employers are looking for someone who hasn’t stopped learning.  Is that you?  I hope so.

5.  Changed Vision. Changed Outcome:  The moral of our blog is to get you to change your mindset and ignite your job search with a passion unlike in the past.  The reason for the title is that we firmly believe that if you try these Five Ways to Improve Your Job Search, you will get the result you really desire.  The secret is to try something different in order to get a different outcome.  Forget how you pursued a job search 10 years ago; times have cleary changed and so should your methods.

As always, we appreciate the time you take to review our blog.  If you enjoyed hearing about the Five Ways to Improve Your Job Search, share it with a friend as we would love to add more friends to our RSS Feed and subscribers to our Blog.  Until next time remember to Revise. Rebrand. Relaunch.

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