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Five Style Secrets From Your Boss

Robert Talbott

Robert Talbott

From my first day in corporate America to the present, I have always prided myself in looking my best. Honestly, my best has developed, improved and been tweaked several times over the last 10 or so years. The attention to detail and interest in style and image began as a child during shopping trips to downtown Detroit with my very dapper dad. Those Saturday trips were the perfect backdrop for an aspiring executive and eventual men’s style consultant and blogger. Cut, quality and pairing were the ingredient for the perfect look when shopping with Dad. I recall the atmosphere and professional persona each sales consultant possessed whether it was Hudson’s, Saks Fifth Avenue, Jacobson’s or Hughes and Hatchers; it was an amazing experience as a child.

Some years later after landing my first corporate job, I made it a point to observe what the executives were wearing. Hoping to glean some common thread in habits and/or success secrets, I’d observe and emulate. The old adage of dressing for the position you want was a way of life. As a corporate executive myself now, I make a sincere effort to help men find their ideal look; the look that makes them feel their most confident–contributing to their continued success. My business coach and mentor, Dr. Stacia Pierce says that successful people leave clues. Well, assuming your boss wants you to achieve your personal and professional goals in life, here’s what they’d want you to know about how they achieve the look of success.

So, in today’s blog, let’s discuss Five Style Secrets From Your Boss!

1. Suits that Matter:

Develop the uniform that sets you apart. Invest in quality suits that automatically boosts your self-esteem and confidence the moment you put them on. If you’re not sure these are the types of suits your boss is wearing, just take our word for it–they are. Here are a few brands that you should consider.

2. Time for a Custom Shirt or at Least an Upgrade:
I personally started purchasing custom shirts years ago and recently started purchasing shirts for my clients. While the look and feel are customized to fit you perfectly, there are a number of brands that look and fit just as well, and no one will know the difference. Here are some of my favorites that would look great with any of the suits mentioned above. Your boss is wearing all of these.


3. Walk in their Shoes:

Plenty can be said about the benefit of an amazing and comfortable shoe. Not only do you get noticed at the office, but you’ll be attractive to all of the right people. I’ll let you decide who that is, but, take your shoe game to your bosses level.

4. Neckwear that proves the Point:
The necktie is one of the parts of the uniform that really suggests your personality. It allows you to dress your suit up or down. Pay attention to the lapel of the suits and the type of collars on the shirt, but purchase several different ties to wear with a single suit. Having a variety of ties will give each suit a fresh appeal. A quality seven-fold tie is your goal. Remember, your boss wouldn’t have it any other way.


5. Accessories that Enhance Your Look:
No look is complete without the right accessories! Belts, portfolios, timepieces and overcoats all help to create the ideal image. Take the time to determine with watch works best with your corporate looks. Decide which type of briefcase and/or document holder compliments your suit and overcoat. Yes, it all needs to harmonize and not clash!


Now that you know what your boss is thinking, he’s watching to see if you’ve picked up on any of his clues. Another clue they’d like to share is that most of them achieve their looks with the help of a spouse, significant other and/or a personal style consultant. Invest in your future by investing in your wardrobe. Before you know it, the success you’ve achieved professionally which occurred because of your consistent efforts; will also transpire your wardrobe and you’ll begin to dress like your boss!

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