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Five Problems to Avoid for an Impressive Resume

girl studyingIn a competitive job market, there are an increasing number of hiring managers more than willing to share frustrations they are having with the quality of resumes they receive daily. While applicants are wise to apply for positions for which they qualify, too many of the following mistakes are guaranteed to hurt your job search. In our blog today, we’ll share the essentials for an impressive and effective resume. Check out the five most problematic issues that managers identify when reviewing resumes from applicants:
1. Misspelled words (Typos): Always; I repeat, Always…create a resume or any document for that matter, by using the proper reference tools (i.e, Dictionary, Thesaurus , etc.). When all else fails, remember to use the spell check. If you need the help with proof-reading, be sure to ask someone with an extreme eye for detail, and that can spell. Misspelled words is the number one complaint of hiring managers.So, double check your resume and cover letters before pushing the send button.
2. Your E-Mail Address: Make sure that your e-mail address is a clear reflection of your professional image. Avoid cute little nicknames or names that suggest your favorite meal or drink preferences. Hiring mangers think twice when calling someone for an interview with an e-mail address that sounds a little bizarre. You may present very professionally during the interview, but if your e-mail address is; you are definitely not going to receive the interview calls you’re waiting on.
3. No identifiable Skills: The hiring manger is really looking to fill the position, but you forward a resume with little to no skills. How can anyone determine if you are a fit or not? You’ll never know until you show them how you qualify for the job. Clearly and succinctly outline each of your professional skills that set you apart from the other candidates.
4. Too passive: If you have successfully managed a project from start to finish, say it! Resumes need to highlight your skills and talents. This is not the time to be modest. Strategically outline your accomplishments using action words. Being completely honest should go without saying. Always be honest about your education and your accomplishments. Just make the commitment to use the resume to really sell yourself.
5. Having a Bland and Predictable Objective Statement: Who wants to read the same tired objective statement over and over again? Well, that’s exactly what happens when hiring managers are forced to read the same statement on resume after resume. Be creative! An effective resume uses a “Branding Statement.” Branding statements should give the essence of who you are professionally in case the reader never reads anything else about your work history. Seek the help of a professional resume writer to carefully craft the brand messaging you want conveyed when creating your special and unique document.
For more information on how to create the most effective resume, contact your friends at Style and Travel Daily (aka Mark’s Resume Rewrite) for any of our premium/polished resume packages. Until next time remember to: Revise, Rebrand, and Relaunch your career with the team that cares about your success; team Style & Travel Daily!
Mark Hillery
Career Coach & Strategist

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