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  • Corporate Image Consulting

    When your company needs to rebrand their image and their message.

How do you conduct Corporate Image Consulting?

corporate-image-consulting-01Every successful CEO acknowledges that their associates are the most important assets to the company. So what happens when the message of importance to the employee’s contributions begins to wain? What about when the branding and messaging are confusing and the employees are misrepresenting the organization? It’s time for an image makeover! Corporate image consultants help companies rebrand their image while creating cohesive messaging. From branding, to uniforms or a revamped online presence; no change is too small. This is how the process evolves:

  1. Our consultants meet with company leadership to determine problems, concerns, interests, as well as allow them to share the corporate vision.
  2. Once the initial consultation phase is completed, workgroups and key employees could be asked to contribute feedback through surveys on the proposed vision being introduced by management. Along with the workgroups, the creative team is assembled to determine a potential plan of execution. Once the “pitch” to corporate leadership is approved, the fun begins.
  3. Next, we plan the roll-out of the plan. In most instances, phases are outlined to measure true progress versus proposed. We sample uniforms, create logos, craft content, redesign websites and more to effectively navigate the rebranding phase.
  4. Finally, we institute the plan of action. Whether its preparing for a PR Campaign or dedicated social media blitz, we prepare key messaging, talking points and other strategies as part of the roll-out. Not every company wants a major overhaul as we just described, so our packages can be customized to meet the clients need. We want you to enjoy your experience of Style & Travel Daily as we help create the optimal corporate image! No tweak is too small or large when it comes to showcasing your ideal corporate image.

For more information on our corporate makeover services, please contact us.

Image Assessment Process for Corporate Clients

The image assessment for a business is requested when the leadership of the company wants to create an enhanced image for the entire company; to include employees or the digital presence via the company website.

A.  You will be given an opportunity to share your corporate vision and perception of your image through a questionnaire.

B.  Once the Questionnaire is completed, the appropriate e-mail address will be shared so that the assessment can begin.  To initiate the process, the company will provide logos, branding statements/tag lines, social media addresses and other documentation.  If the company has a uniform, that information should be provided as well.

C.  Next, we work with the leadership to identify a gap analysis; optimal vs. actual and chart the best path to get to the desired outcome.  We outline every step needed to achieve the re-branded/relaunched image.

D.  In the final stage, we are recommending changes and resources from our network that can assist the company meet the objective.  The plan is put into action and the acquisition of services takes shape; from redesigned logos, websites, content management as well as creating the foundation for an energized social media launch and subsequent maintenance – we work closely with the business to revamp their image.  We help create the optimal corporate image.  No tweak is too small or large when it comes to showcasing your ideal corporate image.