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7 Rules of Dressing Every Man Should Know in 2018

Every year I share keys to a polished image. These image tips are elements that progressive men can incorporate into their lives to elevate their earning potential. Style & Travel Daily has always shared the latest trends in style, grooming and fashion. Every year we stress the importance of a polished and professional look while sharing secrets that could take the year from good to Great! This year was no exception, and I have dedicate several hours of research to identify the 7 Rules of Dressing Every Man Should Know in 2018.


Rule #1 – Successful men know the value of a business suit. These men see the suit as their power uniform. Men in business need to look like they fit in the Boardroom and deserve the right to be considered. Simply purchasing a suit is not enough. Invest in a relationship with a talented tailor and get the perfect fit. A man in a perfectly tailored suit has a high percentage of successfully closing “the Deal!” Invest in these three colors initially, Navy Blue, Black, and Gray. A two-button single breasted is the preference until you have enough variety in your wardrobe.


Rule #2 – Every man knows the value or a classic timepiece! It’s time to lose the sports watch and the relaxed approach to your prosperity and business success. Purchasing a timepiece sends the message to others that you are serious about winning and that your time is valuable. Classic watches can range in price from several hundreds of dollars to thousands. Don’t mortgage your home for a timepiece purchase, but buy the most watch that you can afford. Invest in your future by investing in a quality timepiece.


Rule #3 – Successful men know how to coordinate the shirt and necktie combination. Time to add the power to your suit by coordinating patterned shirts and ties so that you wear the entire look with a confidence that says, I know what I’m doing. Patterns in dress shirt with competing, but complimentary patterns in neckwear, is the must-to move by the dapper gent. Avoid boring white shirts if you want to be recognized.


Rule #4 – Serious and successful men wear hard sole shoes in 2018. Actually, well polished and maintained hard sole shoes. Nothing conveys success better than our dress shoes. Men should own two pair of black and two pair of brown shoes for the sake of maintenance. If that number is too lofty in the beginning, one pair of each color would suffice, but make sure to invest in wooden shoe-tree shapers and do not wear the same pair of shoes two days in a row. Shoes need the opportunity to dry and air-out. Allowing the shoes to dry after inserting the shapers helps the shoe retain its form and last even longer. Polish, cleaning and regular care of the shoe will add years to the life of it! Leaders, executives and salespeople are judged immediately based on their appearance, which is why the maintenance of the shoe is so important.


Rule #5 – Men that invest in accessories such as belts, braces (not suspenders), lapel pins, pocket-squares and dress socks, demonstrate an appreciation for a complete head-to-toe look. Part of purchasing the items mentioned, requires that the wearer know when and how to wear them. Belts should match the shoes. Braces can match the tie or the pocket square, but again should not be clip-on suspenders. Pocket squares and lapel pins should be reserved for events outside of the business environment. Lastly, socks are so fun to purchase now and it’s hard to buy a boring pair of socks these days.


Rule #6 – Sophisticated men invest in a soft-edged briefcase. Most businessmen take some sort of electronic device to make their business presentations. Purchase a briefcase that accommodates your laptop computer, notebooks and/or important documents. Try to stay neutral in color and carry a black or brown briefcase to all of your business meetings. A business savvy man always carries a bag for their professional tools; the briefcase is a necessary essential.


Rule #7 – Successful men take their individual grooming and hygiene seriously. After making the purchases I recommend above, let your last stop be a visit to your favorite barber. Hopefully, your barber is equipped to not only cut and style your hair, but is able to provide a proper shave and facial massage. The latter is necessary to prevent bumping following a shave. Depending on your profession, you will have to decide the style of hair that fits your industry. Last step to consider is the value of a regular manicure and pedicure. While you won’t plan to walk around the office without your shoes, men in 2018 treat themselves to clean and well-maintained hands to present a polished image during business meetings and personal outings. Remember no polish, just buffing.


Gentlemen, you deserve to realize the business success and prosperity that we all envision. Sometimes we are hesitant to ask for help pulling together all of the pieces that we need in order to create the image that we are looking to create. Looking and feeling your best and portraying the confidence that always lands a win for you is a deliberate endeavor. There is no need to struggle with how to pull it together when you have the assistance of Style & Travel Daily.   As a certified image consultant and stylist, I have been helping men for years create winning images that elevate their lives to extremely successful levels. If you are ready to elevate your image and your income, connect with team Style & Travel Daily and keep winning!



Your Stylist!



Mark A. Hillery


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