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5 Steps to a Winning Image



Have you ever wondered, How can I realize some of my professional dreams and desires? What next-level connections do I have to make? How can I position myself in the presence of the right people in order to advance my career? I know we’ve all thought about it, and we all at some point have navigated and worked through it. If you’re still struggling with those questions, you need to realize that the central theme is probably your image. A great image isn’t merely what you wear, but it’s a lifestyle dedicated to looking and living your best. In today’s Style & Travel Daily blog post, we’ll explore the five steps I believe are needed to realize a winning image.

#1: Know your body type.
Are you an athletic or a slim build? Do you know what suit looks best on you? Do you know what shirt fits you best? Now is the time to invest in your image, and now is the time to answer those types of questions. Perhaps a single-breasted jacket with a suit looks best on you. Or, perhaps a double-breasted suit works best on you, and that should mean that you should avoid a single-breasted suit if it doesn’t help you enhance your image. Are you a flat-front guy or a pleated guy? Do you look best in European-cut suits or traditional American-cut suits?

These are questions you have to answer in order to determine what looks best on you. Most men simply don’t know. I strongly advise that you take the time to go to a next-level department store such as Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom or Bloomingdales and ask someone to measure you: your neck size, the length of your arms, your chest, and so on. You should become familiar with the size jacket you wear and the type of shirt that you should wear. What looks best with the size and shape of your face? Should you go with a cutaway collar or a pointed collar? Make the time to invest in your image by knowing what looks best on you.

#2: Invest in quality over quantity.
It is always better to buy high-quality pieces for your wardrobe than to invest in trendy fads that could be in season today and out of season in a couple of months. I always stress that people should invest in quality pieces—even if you have to buy quality pieces one month at a time, one piece at a time; that’s fine. The goal is to enhance your wardrobe by investing in yourself and your image by purchasing well-made items.

An example of a quality piece would be a virgin or cashmere sweater. Cashmere sweaters stand the test of time, they’re always in season—there might be some color variation from one season to the next, but a quality cashmere sweater is a staple in every well-dressed man’s closet. Something else to consider is that in order to enhance your look, you need to take the time to create some next-level looks for yourself. Perhaps you go out and buy dress shoes that have leather soles as opposed to rubber soles. Rubber soles are more for casual wear. If you’re really trying to get a next-level position, think about whether a leather sole is the right identity for you. You might also want to consider investing in custom-made shirts; custom-made neckwear—how about a custom-made suit? Nothing looks better than a bespoke suit on a gentleman. It gives you the perfect fit and builds your confidence.

#3: Plan your image, one look at a time.
One of the things that I really enjoy about this is that you realize a perfect wardrobe doesn’t just happen. A perfect wardrobe is a wardrobe that is consistently enhanced, whether it’s weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually. Say, for instance, you know that you need to improve your suit collection. I would say, make it a plan every year to invest in four to five new suits. What about purchasing a necktie once every two weeks, or a new pair of dress shoes once a month? Quality pieces should be added to your wardrobe on a regular basis so that your wardrobe continues to grow.

#4: Groom daily.
If you haven’t established a daily routine, now is the time. Invest in a quality skincare line such as Kiehl’s, Lab Series for Men or Gorgeous Shop’s Elemis. Trim and maintain facial hair on a consistent basis for a polished and professional look. Establish a regular visit to a barber or a stylist at least biweekly. Lastly, you should establish a relationship with a dentist and a manicurist. Now I know some men just paused and questioned why a manicurist? Not only do manicures produce more welcoming hands, they’re a form of relaxation and highlight another positive feature as a business professional. You should also meet with a personal trainer—which leads me to my next step.

#5: Practice good health and nutrition.
Why work hard for your ideal lifestyle, but not be able to enjoy it because of bad health and stress? Take the time to develop a healthy lifestyle by carefully eating healthily, reducing stress and developing physical activity on a daily basis. Studies show that people who invest in their health are more productive and experience greater success stories.

In future blog posts, we’ll expand a little bit more on how to enhance your image, but we hope that you enjoyed today’s post. For more exclusive career, styling and fashion information, subscribe to the Style & Travel Daily Blog.  To keep up with us on a daily basis, follow us on any of our social media platforms: Twitter, Instagram and Bloglovin. Until next time, my friends, stay stylish.




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