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10 Ways To Win The Confidence Game – Part 1

We all have the innate desire to win. Well, at least we should and if you don’t, that’s another blog post altogether.  There are some that say there is a thinly veiled connection between confidence and arrogance. However, anyone that takes winning seriously knows that arrogance will wreak havoc on your personal relationships and that confidence will attract the right people to you.

Life in general has a way of challenging our resolve and on occasion will have us second-guessing our skills and abilities. The confidence factor is the internal edge people need in order to navigate obstacles without losing their winning attitude. Recently, I experienced a setback that for a short period of time had me second guessing purpose and passion. It was probably the first time I had experienced this type of steady head wind and it temporarily had me question what was next. Now, anyone that knows me knows that I don’t believe in pity-parties and I rarely lose sight of my Why!

Thankfully, I have a solid spiritual base and exceptional mentors/pastors that spoke to my winning and helped me keep my perspective.  The old cliché, change is good isn’t always a welcomed adage when you’re going through a major life change, however, my Pastors/Mentors have always reminded me of what’s important and taught me how to respond to any circumstance that tries to attack my confidence.

In today’s Style & Travel Daily Blog, I share 5 of the 10 things I did to regain my confidence and face my challenges directly. I believe these tips can make a major difference in your life if you choose to embrace them. While these are undoubtedly my top 10 recommendations, feel free to rank them in the importance that resonates most with you.

  1. Forget the past and Focus on the Good!  

In the midst of the disappointment you have to be willing to let go and if there was betrayal (boss, company, friend, co-worker, loved one) forgive and move on.  Wow! Yes, I said it… Forget about it…forgive the haters and keep moving forward! Confidence in the workplace deals with our skills, education, training and the bragging rights we’ve earned throughout our careers. What’s funny is how quickly some of those things are lost in translation when we have experienced a corporate right sizing or layoff.  Now is not the time to forget your skills, but rather take note and prepare to put them on full display. In this phase, forward progression is key. Keep moving forward even when you’re not sure of the next step. Trust the process, it will all work itself out!

  1.  Develop Winning Habits that Propel You Forward…

This particular phase could be the ideal time to establish the habits of winners! Every day should represent time that you dedicate to a task or habit that moves you closer towards your goals and adds to building the confidence needed to win!  Do you meditate…not the Transcendental, but rather get a picture (Guided Imagery Meditation) of the good things you want out of life and think about them a couple times during the day. Do you pray? How about setting time aside daily to hear something inspirational or do an activity that personally develops your professional confidence. How often are you reading during the course of a day? Do you journalize your thoughts and strategies? If not, start the process today.  These are some of the success secrets of most achievers.

  1.  Get a Vision of Your Best Life!

You future is bright! Do you see it?  If you said anything but yes, I have another article for you to read.  On a daily basis you should picture yourself living in your dream home, driving your dream car, and vacationing in your ideal destination. Every day zoom in on those desires that you really want to experience and through the law of attraction, you will have them!  But, first and foremost, you have to see the vision yourself. Clarity of vision and desire helps to accelerate the manifestation of your desired outcome. Confident men have a vision for their best life!

  1.  Find your Passion and Hone Your Skills

Boy, do I love fashion, but I’m also a healthcare industry nerd. I can talk bespoke suiting, shirts and shoes while reading the latest healthcare journal on the latest trends in healthcare and enjoy them both.  Helping people is my passion. What about you? What is it that gets you motivated and excited?  One of the best ways to build your professional and personal confidence is to read articles about your vocation and personal interests on a daily basis.  While working on my last corporate gig, if I didn’t have a meeting scheduled I would make an effort to read something healthcare related everyday from 4:00-5:00pm and let that hour be my personal development time at work.  Saturday’s and Sunday’s are generally when I’m reviewing trends in style and fashion for my image consulting businesses and gather ideas for my clients.  If you have stopped reading about your industry since starting your job, you’re losing ground. It’s time to hone your skills, go back to school and/or set a goal to develop personally everyday.  Confident men constantly develop their skills and are life-long learners!

  1. Put it in Writing!

My business coach & mentor, Stacia Pierce has developed the best product I have used to help you write out your goals and see them actually happen just like you planned them. Nothing is more rewarding than writing a goal and being able to check them off the list as an accomplishment. Stacia has been an advocate for journaling for years and her Success Journal is the best tool on the market to document your overall goals and write your way to success. If you’re undecided on the effectiveness of journaling, consider that most millionaires write out their goals and review them daily. This is a habit that has changed countless lives and one that will build your professional and personal self-esteem! Visit Stacia’s website here and review all of the testimonials of people that wanted to win just like you! Confident men Journalize for their success!

Confidence is important in all aspects of life. While we always want to display that we’re in control, there are circumstances in life that will rock us to our core. When we find ourselves challenged, it’s time to seek routines and habits that get us focused again and back in fighting shape. The list that I provided today and next week is my go-to routine that centers me and has me prepared to fight any challenge with the confidence I need to outlast the circumstances. Knowing that you’re a winner in the end helps to recalibrate your self-esteem. Believe in your inner strengths and follow the steps outlined in this blog post and you will exude all of the confidence you’ll need to reach and exceed every goal you aspire to achieve.  Thanks for reading the Style & Travel Daily Blog.  I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this very personal blog post! Until next time, let’s dress for our next chapter!


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