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10 Ways to Win The Confidence Game – Part 2

Last week we started the conversation on our blog on the topic of Confidence and how to regain it after a life challenge.  Your responses were so supportive and motivational.  In that bog I talked about my own recent experience that temporarily had me second-guessing my skill set and talents, thus impeding my confidence.  There are some that say there is a thinly veiled connection between confidence and arrogance. However, anyone that takes winning seriously knows that arrogance will wreak havoc on your personal relationships and that confidence will attract the right people to you.  The confidence factor is the internal edge people need in order to navigate obstacles without losing their winning attitude.

In today’s Style & Travel Daily Blog, I share the second set of 5 of the 10 things I did to regain my confidence and face my challenges directly. I believe these tips can make a major difference in your life if you choose to embrace them.  Let’s get started…

Set Some Goals (Stretch & Scary)…
Speaking of goals. How often do you actually take the time to create goals for your family, household, professionally and personally? We all need something to work towards. The chase to accomplish a goal is well worth the pursuit as long as we are taking action towards the goals daily. There are personal coaches that believe that if your goals aren’t large enough to scare you, they aren’t really goals. While I agree some of your goals should be so ambitious that they make you nervous, I also believe there is strength in the small steps you accomplish everyday.  So, set both large and small goals, but whatever you do please set some goals! Confident men set goals!

Mentor Up!
I have been blessed most of my adult life to have mentors, both men and women that saw my value and potential and groomed me for next level opportunities. Most mentors will set aside time to speak with you over lunch or dinner and others, depending on their work schedules may not be quite that accessible.  Remember the goal is accountability.  So, whenever they make the time to meet with you, show up and have your assignments completed.  A healthy approach to mentorship is acknowledging that in some cases you will have to make multiple attempts to connect with them.  What about in the event that you are seeking the mentorship of a national player that you have never met?  Don’t fret, just as long as you have the right attitude they can mentor you from afar, and that’s just as valuable. The moral of this section is to encourage you to seek the guidance of a mentor. Most importantly, be opened to suggestions and challenges that they will ask you to adapt. Confident men are open to being mentored and look for it every chance they get.

Winning Group Dynamics
It is important to surround yourself with people that win and want to see you win. If you’re the most successful person in your immediate circle, you may want to expose yourself to a few more successful others that will personally challenge you to grow. Stay connected with people that encourage your growth and development. Get rid of others that don’t support your dreams for a better life!  Go with the goers and keep winning! Confident men surround themselves with supportive people that celebrate their wins and successes.

Affirm it!
What are you saying daily to remind yourself just how great you really are? What self-talk do you say while looking in a mirror and repeat it to yourself daily in order to boost your confidence?  If you’re not doing that, you’re missing out on the power of affirmations.  Affirmations are the best way to put your goals in writing and say just what you want to happen in life. If you see yourself as a successful manager, say it! The power of the affirmation is that you’re saying things that you believe will happen. Again, you have to believe it will happen even if the circumstances around you say otherwise! Say it and believe it will happen. Post those same sayings around your home, in your car and possibly in your journal and repeat them several times daily.  Confident men have an affirmation or two to say!  Just Say it!

Invest in a Style & Image Coach
You had to know this was coming. Presenting a polished and professional image is critical to your success! Too many decisions are made based on your appearance. Working with a Style or Image Consultant is the best way to create the professional and personal image you need to exude the confidence you want to transmit to others. Knowing what looks best on you is the work of the Image Coach. Firms such as Style & Travel Daily can help you with shopping and wardrobe coordination to make sure you put you best foot forward.  If you’re interested in working with our team, contact us and we’re prepared to help you look your very best!  Image consulting and personal shopping makes a difference!  We want to build your confidence and help you win!

Confidence is important in all aspects of life. While we always want to display that we’re in control, there are circumstances in life that will rock us to our core. When we find ourselves challenged, it’s time to seek routines and habits that get us focused again and back in fighting shape. The list that I provided is my go-to routine that centers me and has me prepared to fight any challenge with the confidence I need to outlast the circumstances. Knowing that you’re a winner in the end helps to recalibrate your self-esteem. Believe in your inner strengths and follow the steps outlined in this blog post and you will exude all of the confidence you’ll need to reach and exceed every goal you aspire to achieve.  Thanks for reading the Style & Travel Daily Blog.  I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this very personal blog post! Until next time, let’s dress for our next chapter!


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