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10 Reasons You Didn’t Get The Promotion!


10 Reasons You Didn’t Get The Promotion

In this age when companies are doing more with fewer in the work place, it always amazes me that more people are not taking control of their own career success.  Recently, I surveyed a group of aspiring managerial level individuals on their opinion of why people don’t often get the promotion their hoping to obtain.  Let’s assume that the issues being raised in this blog were strictly their observation and not behaviors that they personally exhibit.  In our career blog today, let’s explore responses we received when we asked respondents to offer thougts on the 10 Reasons (They) Didn’t Get The Promotion. We hope you find the following responses as intriguing as we did.  As always, feel free to offer your opinion on the topic as well.  Here are the ten reasons they believe others didn’t get the promotion they were pursuing.

1. Bringing a negative attitude to the office – Everyone has the occasional bad day. What’s important is having the correct mindset that renews everyday and is convinced that tomorrow is a different day!   Refuse to allow negative circumstances keep you in a mad mood daily.  That will certainly  hurt your chances for promotion and will taint your otherwise good reputation.

2.  Resisting change – Never publicly shoot down a new corporate initiative by making the statement, “We’ve always done it that way… That will never work”.  Making that statement signals to others that you refuse to change and that statement alone might get you kicked off the new project team tasked with developing a new product for the company.

3.  Not preparing adequately for meetings/assignments – Establishing yourself as the go-to person is critical if you want to seriously be consider for a promotion.  Coming to a meeting unprepared suggests your lack of interest and lets everyone else know that you haven’t done your homework and perhaps you’re not the person for the job!

4.  Missing deadlines– Never, Never, Never miss a deadline–if at all possible! Sure; life happens! Just don’t let it impact your work on an important corporate initiative that was created as a vehicle to highlight your strengths, not bring your weaknesses to the forefront.

5.  Poor Communication Skills – not being able to articulate your thoughts is a major reason why people are skipped over when it’s time to be considered for a promotion!  How often does your boss have to ask for updates of your work assignment? Effective communication is not only correct grammar and the ability to speak correctly, but it also includes not having your boss play the guessing game when he/she has given you an assignment.  They should know every step completed in the project in the event they’re asked by a superior.

6. A Poor Work Ethic – Without a doubt being lazy on the job will cost you that promotion.  Another reason shared in the survey dealth with people taking long lunches and not returning to work on time. Better still, how about coming to work late and leaving early?   A poor work ethic could potentially not only cost you the promotion, but potentially get you fired.

7.  Being Late Most of the time – It would be very unreasonable to assume that you will make it to work early or on time every day.  However, please don’t allow yourself to become the type of employee that has an excuse every day. If it’s not a flat tire, it’s frozen pipes.  Excuses are tolerated for the occasional crisis, but please avoid the need for crisis-management several times during your work week.

8.  Not taking ownership of Mistakes – Most places of employment have come to expect employees will make mistakes on occasion.  Unless you work in a totally punitive and intolerant environment, making subtle mistakes should be part of the learning curve for most employees.  Now, that level of tolerance takes a back seat when the employee messes up, but refuses to admit their wrong-doing.  Stand up and own what happened; that usually goes a lot further than a cover up.

9.  Refusing to be a Team Player – One of the most important criteria considered for a promotion is the opinion as to whether or not you are a team player.  Most people that are overlooked for promotions, are usually the people that refuse to help a co-worker in need because they’re too preoccupied with thinking about their own selfish motives.  Demonstrating your ability to help others is the key to upward mobility.

10.  Being an active contributor to the Gossip and Rumor Mill – Stop talking excessively on the job! Gossip is a major reason why people are not considered for promotions. The  chairperson of the rumor-mill cannot be trusted with confidential matters.  If you aspire for senior management; discretion and wisdom are must haves!   You should never be linked to any gossip or the instigator of your co-worker’s ongoing feud.  You will never be considered as a viable candidate for the desired promotion if you can’t watch your mouth.

Style and Travel Daily wants you to have and enjoy the best your career has to offer!  We were shocked with the results shared via the survey as to the top 10 reasons people are overlooked for promotions.  Do everything in your power to guarantee these example are not you!  Some surprised us and others were expected to be on the list. Take control of your career and avoid these promotion killers.   As always,

Here’s to Your Continued Success…


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