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10 Quick Actions to Take After a Layoff

The key to any job search—whether planned or unplanned—is organization. In today’s Style & Travel Daily blog, we’ll share 10 quick actions to take to stabilize your life after an untimely corporate layoff. Layoffs can be very gut-wrenching, dramatic and traumatic to the family and the individual that is closely impacted by the sudden change in employment status. There are a number of reasons for layoffs, but most importantly, the employee should never feel—unless they were simply negligent and egregious in their daily actions— as though they are the sole reason for a corporate right-sizing or corporate layoff.

Personally, about five years ago, I experienced right-sizing when my employer was preparing to sell the company. I knew that I was giving 100 percent every day, but the entire management team had to be let go as part of the deal made to sell the company. Not all layoffs are an immediate result of the employee.  With that in mind, let’s just say it happens.!  Whatever the circumstances, we’re going to offer these 10 quick steps that we think every job seeker must complete in order to successfully navigate the period of time when you’re looking to secure that next ideal position.

1. Relax. Don’t panic—instead, define what’s next. During this period, you’ll have any number of questions in your head. Simply relax and focus on what you really want to do. Take the time to determine what’s next. Are you still searching for a position in your current industry, or are you going to use this lapse in employment as an opportunity to determine whether it’s time for you to become an entrepreneur?

2. Prepare your resume. If it’s been a while, dust off the old and revise anew. Seek the help of a professional resume writer to accurately outline your skills, strengths and accomplishments.

3. Find a coach. This is your confidante; your friend; your sounding board; your safe place. During this particular period of transition, connect with those who are supportive, not judgmental, and who have your back throughout this entire process.

4. Get to know You. During a re-launch, take the time to identify your strengths and weaknesses. This exercise will later become crucial as you begin to interview. Take the time to play up your strengths, but keep your weaknesses to a minimum, and always have a positive spin on any weakness you identify. This is not the time to become negative, but certainly a time to showcase your strengths.

5. Connect with a recruiter. What’s important is that you remember that the recruiter works for the client, not you. Be quick to respond if you’re ever called by a recruiter, because again, they work for the hiring company. Their job is to find the best candidates and to retain a relationship with the hiring company at all costs. Now is the time to build a relationship and become the recruiter’s best candidate, allowing them to become your best advocate.

Thanks for the visit and reviewing part one of the series. In our next post we’ll share the remaining quick tips for rebounding after a layoff. Please share this with someone that could use this timely advice. Until next time…

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